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30 Roses in Vase

Original price was: Rp1.000.000.Current price is: Rp900.000.
30 stack of roses with filler in vase…

60 Roses in Vase

Original price was: Rp1.400.000.Current price is: Rp1.250.000.
60 stack of roses with filler in vase…

Beautiful in Blue

Original price was: Rp600.000.Current price is: Rp550.000.
Beautiful flower in box with blue theme, consist of blue hydrangea, white roses, white chrysanthemum and imported baby breath as filler.…

Box of Eternity

Original price was: Rp1.000.000.Current price is: Rp825.000.
A heart-shaped flower box filled with red and pink rose-colored flowers. There is also imported Ferrero Rocher chocolate that forms a heart. Perfect as a…

Color My Day

Original price was: Rp700.000.Current price is: Rp625.000.
15 mix color of roses in vase to cheer her day…

Custom Flower Box

Personalized your flower box with letter or number.…

Elegant Chocolove

Original price was: Rp1.300.000.Current price is: Rp1.100.000.
The heart-shaped flower box contains a bouquet of red roses and chocolate Ferrero Rocher decorated with a black ribbon.…

Flower Box with Pashmina & Tasbih

The flower box consists of flowers, pashmina and prayer beads. Suitable for moeslimah gifts.…

Fortune Happiness

Beautiful 2 stem of phalaenopsis orchid in vase arrange with anthurium and red roses. Teddy Bear and Wine in picture as an add-ons…

Grande Lilies

Glass vase with full of lilies and baby breath.…

Korean Garden

Beautiful mixed flowers arrangement in vase.…

Natural Green Table Flower

Elegant table flower arrangement using glasses vase consist of imported tulip, roses and lilies.…
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